Wednesday, 8 December 2010

My personal Top 10 Comebacks: what she says and what you say back

1. she says: your a fat slag
you say: at least i can fit in the mirror unlike you

2. she says: your a bitch
you say: thank you
she says: why?
you say: because honey in this day and age being called a bitch is a complement but then again i wouldn't expect someone as thick you to know that now would i?

3. she says: no one likes you
-you go up to your mates and ask if they like you, they say yes
you say: you were saying?

4. she says: im gonna beat you up
-walk right up to her
you say: lets be fucking having you then
-she wont be expecting that

5. she says: your a big mouth slut
you say: really? cos im not the one who needs to learn how to keep her legs shut and her mouth quiet

6. you say: whens your birthday?
she says: why?
you say: cos i wanna buy you a present
she says: what is it?
you say: a pole

7. she says: bitch
you say: woof

8. she says: slag
you say: go choke on a bloke

9. she says: dumb bitch
you say: im  not the one who's gonna leave school with more STI's than GCSE's

10. she says: you starting?
you say: naah love im fucking finishing

these are all comebacks that i have used and they have all worked send me a message to let me know how you got on :D